Welcome to the Singer Lab

UCLA Department of Neurology

710 Westwood Plaza, #1169, Los Angeles, California, 90095

Main Line 310.206.1151 | Fax 310.206.2504


Dr. Singer's lab group aims to  delineate how HIV, the AIDS virus, impacts the brain, nervous system, and the rest of the body. She has over 28 years of experience in conducting clinical research and clinical trials in Neuro-AIDS and its co-morbid conditions.


Over the last 20 years her lab has recruited and followed a cohort of HIV+ individuals who contribute medical and biopsychosocial data, in addition to biological samples, for research. Many of these individuals are enrolled in the National Neurological AIDS Bank (NNAB) a member of the National NeuroAIDS Tissue Consortium (NNTC). Over 60% of her cohort is composed of participants who are members of racial and ethnic minority groups. Her lab has ongoing program recruitment at public hospitals and clinics in the community. In addition to her work at the NNAB Dr. Singer has collaborated with numerous other investigators on research projects, including studies on Hepatitis C, cancer, substance use, and various neurocognitive disorders.